Kayaking the upcoming adventure sports in Kerala

Is there anyone who does not like adventure or enthralling sports? Indulging in enthralling sports will help you to refrain you from slipping to stress life. Hundreds of travellers find adventure activities as an escapade for their busy schedules of life. There may be different purposes for people to learn the thrilling activities but the ultimate motive is to change the views about life and people. There are many places in India that help the adventure lovers to enjoy the scintillating beauty of the marvellous scenic nature. The northern states of India are known for a wide range of daring sports such as snow skiing, Himalaya explorations, nature walks, and mountaineering. It does not mean that the south Indian states are devoid of such sports. The southernmost states are no far from the northern cities in amusing travellers with mind-blowing scenic nature and breathtaking games. Out of several games, Kayaking seems to attract travellers from various corners of the world to purchase the tour packages to Kerala. Practising Kayaking with your dear family will make your holidays memorable. Especially children will be thrilled to row the paddles along with you. Let us narrow down and learn more about the kayaking.

Kayaking and different types of kayaking

When you hear about Kerala the first image that runs into mind will be of tranquil backwaters and the traditional wooden houseboat sailing on it. These houseboats are actually the captivating factor that grabs tourist to the state. The excellent amenities available in the houseboat will make your family trip awesome. But the houseboat has many limitations they cannot take you through the narrow paths. To enjoy the real beauty of surreal nature practise kayaking in emerald-blue waters. Kayaking through the shallow waters of the state will enable you to click the amazing pictures of hidden lagoons and naturally formed canals. Also, you can come close to the typical lifestyle of the common people busy in their daily routines such as angling, washing clothes and so on. Kayaking can be classified based on the types of kayaks.

1.      Recreational Kayaking is focused on novice kayakers and practised on flat waters of Alleppey district. You will have to strictly follow the instructions of the professional trainers. Be careful while do the same as there might be chances of getting injured such as blisters and tendonitis. So when your small children practise recreational kayaking ensure their safety.

2.      If you are interested in the kayak in deep seas and oceans such as the Arabian Sea, sea kayaking would be the best options. Sea kayaking is more suitable for professional kayakers. The most important benefit of practising sea kayaking is it not only provides enough strength but also aerobic exercise where you can burn nearly 500 calories.

3.      White water kayaking is the final classification practised in the fast-flowing rivers of Kerala. To practise white water kayaking you must be self-confident and able to balance the kayak in adverse conditions.

Places where you can learn kayaking

Kollam is the best place to practise kayaking with your dear ones. The district is known to shelter the largest freshwater lake of the state, called Ashtamudi Lake. The lake is prominent for its amusing charm and palm-fringed coconut trees bordered on its shores. The lake calls professional kayakers from various parts of the diversified of the country. The district also gives special coaching for the novice and intermediate kayakers to improve their skill. Munroe Island is another portion of the district that enables the kayakers to explore the magnificent beauty of the untouched nature.

Kumarakom situated on the borders of Alleppey and Kottayam are known to be a haven for learning kayaking. The flat waters and soothing climate enables kayakers to explore the mesmerising nature by paddling the rows. To discover the magical spell hidden in nature people from various corners avail of the kayaking packages. Kayaking through the thickly populated forest will give you an opportunity to fill your memory card with lovely images of serene scenes of nature. Mostly tourists from various parts of the world flock to region to witness the undistinguished views of the rising and setting sun while paddling the rows. To witness the beauty of the sunrise and sunset purchase either the morning or evening the kayaking packages. Packages are available from INR 1000 to INR 4000 depending upon the kayaks and the place of practising. If you are practising the Kayaking with your family you can expect some sort of discounts. Kayaking can also be practised on the shores of paddy lands. While kayaking through the emerald rice fields you can enjoy the beauty of village. You can also come across the typical lifestyle of the local people. The mesmerising beauty of the untouched scenery and beautiful surroundings will help you to forget the stressed lifestyle of the metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. Exploring the country side will help you to inhale the unpolluted air and also enjoy the virgin charm of environment that is unavailable in the developed cities. To get the kayaks at reasonable rates including the breakfast and dinner avail of the services from Gogeo Holidays.  They curate packages by including the prominent sightseeing places also.

 When to practise the kayaking? and Where?

The most favourable time to do kayaking in the shallow waters is from November to February and June to September. The best places to explore the virgin beauty of the natural wonders hidden in the village sides by practising the kayaking are the famous hill station called Munnar, and Thekkady, the haven for cashew cultivation known as Kollam and famously known as ‘Venice of East’, Allapuzha. These places are overcrowded with kayak lovers. To learn more about the scintillating features of these places visit them during seasonal times. Before doing kayaking gain prior permission from the concerned authorities and try to keep the premises free from all kinds of plastic waste.

While doing kayaking do not forget to visit the noteworthy attractions near the lakes. To make your trip free from all discomforts purchase the packages from Gogeo Holidays So what are you waiting for? Purchase the tour packages from them and enjoy the glittering beauty of the scenic place with your friends and family. If you have any concerns regarding their service without any hesitation contact the customer support team and clarify your doubts. They also formulate packages to explore the historic monuments and pristine beaches with your better half. Along with it they also conduct educational tours So don’t be late hurry up grab the packages before it expires.

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