Revitalise by exploring the mind-blowing Nadukani hills and its nearby surroundings

Visiting new places and doing something adventurous will definitely gift you sweet memories to be cherished in your early 60s. There are many factors that make trips marvellous. A few of them are the destinations and the persons who accompany you. It is said that even if the destination is not up to your expectation but if you have a good company of friends or cousins, the trip could be turn out to be the best trip ever. Explore the unexplored destinations and discover the gem hidden in nature. Nadukani is one such place situated in Idukki district in Kerala. The place is least visited by the tourist and therefore the region still maintains its natural beauty. The mind-blowing attractions of the region will definitely lure your hearts.


Nadukani is one of the serene places located in the hearts of Idukki. Standing 3000 m above mean sea level, the 2-storyed Nadukani pavilion will provide stupendous views of the emerald surroundings for you and your family members. You can reach the breathtaking hills by covering a distance of 25 km from the main town of Idukki. The stupendous sapphire mountains and Muvattupuzha on either side of the Nadukani hills makes it an abode of natural wonders. As the gorgeous Nadukani hills are situated next to Idukki wildlife sanctuary while trekking to the hills you can capture the amazing pictures of an elephant, sambhar, hornbill, and myna. The 2-storyed Nadukani Pavilion is administered by the Kerala state board of electricity. The soothing climate of the hilly region attracts the newlywed couples to celebrate their most waiting honeymoon. If you want your camera to capture the gargling rivulets and winding mountains ask your travel operator to inculcate Nadukani in your tour package.

The nearby attractions to Nadukani are as follows

Idukki Arch Dam

Idukki arch dam is one of the highest and stupendous dams in Kerala. The double concrete and parabolic curvature of the largest dam marvels thousands of hearts. The dam is situated in between the two lofty hills known as Kuruvan and Kurvathi hills.  The dam is now under the administration of Kerala state board of electricity. Don’t forget to click your lovely family photo on the shores of the artificial lake formed by the three gorgeous dams namely Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu. Carry your binoculars when you ascend to the Idukki to lure your hearts with the breathtaking views of the nearby surroundings.

Hill View Park

Hill View Park is one of the best places for children to enjoy their fantastic holidays. When strolling the 8 acre land of the park you can come across the medicinal plants, crotons and flowers. The region is encapsulated with the natural wonders and serene environments. Situated at a height of 350 feet from the Idukki dam the park enthrals each and everyone with fascinating views of scenic nature. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby surroundings when riding in the zipline. You can buy the spicy chocolates at cheap rates for your family from the local vendors. As part of your Kerala tour include the marvellous hill view park in your tour package.


Located at a height of 3900 feet above the mean sea level Painavu is an exquisite place to learn trekking. Situated in the midst of Idukki wildlife sanctuary you can spot various species of endangered animals. Apart from trekking the region is known to be called as a paradise for shopaholics. You can purchase local handicrafts, silk cloths and many more items at reasonable rates from the local people. The most favourable time to visit the iconic destination is from September to May.

Thommankuthu waterfalls

 When you hear about the waterfalls, the image that runs into your minds will be of a milky stream way cascading from a great height. But has anyone ever seen a 12 series of waterfalls? If not, gush to Thommankuthu situated in Thodupuzha. The Thommankuthu waterfall is a collection of 12 series of waterfalls. Each waterfall is situated at a regular interval of 1 km. Apart from the chains of waterfalls, the other noteworthy attraction of the region is mysterious caves. Once a tribal leader called Thumban was accidentally washed away in the waterfalls and hence as a remembrance to him the waterfall got the name Thommankuthu.


If you are an adventure enthusiast then Nakkayam would be the perfect destination for you. The glittering waterfalls and intriguing caves will definitely make your day. Have a fun-filled time at Chekuthankuthu and Nakkayam waterfalls. Along with it explore the century’s old Plapothu cave, Chekuthankuthu cave and Nakkayam cave. The early you reach the more time you can spend in the forest. One whole day is enough to explore the magnificent beauty of the alluring forest with your dear ones.

Mesmerising hill stations

 Hill stations are the perfect place for families and adventure enthusiast to rejuvenate and relax. Most popular hill stations near to the Nadukani are the Munnar and Thekkady. Hundreds of people purchase exciting tour packages to the above-mentioned tourist places and enjoy the quality time with their dear ones. The soothing climate and calm ambience makes the tourist places a haven for nature lovers. Apart from the nature walk, you can also practise adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering and so on. The lofty mountains and v-shaped valleys blanketed with green meadows of tea and spices will delight your eyes.

There are many more praiseworthy attractions are hidden in Idukki. Avail of tour packages from a well-reputed travel operator. To make your trip more exciting inculcates enthralling adventurous activities. If your tour operator hesitates to do so seek the services from Gogeo Holidays. They are one of the few travel planners who are ready to customise the tour packages on customer’s suggestion. Also, they formulate tour packages at affordable rates. To know more about them contact their customer support team at any time and clarify your doubts. So don’t be late avail of the tour services as soon as possible before it expires.

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